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Introduction is an online professional development toolkit for Marines and FMF corpsmen. The database is constantly growing as subject matter experts add their knowledge and guidance. Each article and question answered has references to Marine Corps order and regulations.

We welcome any comments, suggestions or, concerns you may have on our site. Our mission is to serve America’s elite war-fighters. Please tell us how we can improve.


Marine and Navy spouses will find valuable insights on operational training and professional development, to better understand the Marine Corps as a whole. We encourage all spouses to provide their own lessons learned while serving. Our families at home need knowledge and guidance to prepare for military related events. As the family packs up for another permanent change in station, look to BloodStripes for base considerations and quick tips. It’s important to know what the living conditions are like, whether pets are allowed in base-housing, or if civilian vehicles are permitted on base (and where to get your base registration). is always growing and being updated. Our goal is to serve Marines, corpsmen and, their families as they each serve this great nation.

Semper Fidelis


Poolees are wise to use to gain insights to the Marine Corps. By searching through our articles and lessons learned, poolees have a better perspective of the Corps and what they will be asked to do in defense of our nation. We provide a wide range of knowledge and experience for poolees to learn from. It is important to know what type of military occupational specialty suits your talents. Don’t go into a life of service without doing the research first. is always growing and being updated. We are committed to providing poolees with the valuable knowledge they need to be a success in the Marine Corps.

We remain ‘always faithful’ in our mission, Semper Fidelis.

Junior enlisted

Junior enlisted Marines are the tip of the spear in the Marine Corps. E-1 through E-3 does the majority of the heavy lifting in the Corps. They fight in every clime and place to ensure, we as Americans, enjoy a blanket of freedom. We have created for this exact reason. Operational training and professional development are vital to every warrior seeking advancement in the military. Our team is comprised of Marines and corpsmen who wish to share their knowledge with the next generation of war-fighters. is always growing and being updated. Our goal is to support those who carry the guidon and take the fight to our enemies.

No matter what your MOS may be, we are all members of one team with one fight. Your service is a reflection of the undying American spirit which, resides in all of us who have served.

We are honored to call you family and sincerely thank you for your service.

Semper Fidelis


Non-commissioned officers are the backbone of the Marine Corps and for good reason. As small unit leaders, NCOs maintain mission-essential operations throughout the Corps. It is not an exaggeration to say the Marine Corps would not exist without them. A successful NCO is constantly sharpening the sword in preparation for the next fight. To be well-rounded, an NCO must reach into areas of uncertainty, often times ensuring mission success without knowing how they will accomplish it. provides helpful insights on how to tackle any objective. The database is always growing and being updated to ensure Marines and corpsmen have the knowledge they need to be successful.

Your service and sacrifice stand as a testament of courage. Your leadership and devotion embody the essence of ‘always faithful’.

As a non-commissioned officer you stand steadfast and ready to defend our home.Thank you for carrying the torch, for stepping into the fray, for taking the fight to the enemy.

Semper Fidelis

Staff NCO

Staff non-commissioned officers play a vital role in today’s Marine Corps. As senior enlisted Marines, SNCOs ensure non-commissioned officers and junior enlisted have the resources they need to succeed in any mission; SNCOs maintain accountability of all gear, equipment, weapons, ammunition, personnel etc.; and are the senior enlisted advisors to commissioned officers. provides valuable insights from staff non-commissioned officers who share their lessons learned while serving as senior enlisted leaders in the Corps. It is our goal to support Marine Corps their operational mission by helping to create well-rounded Marines and corpsmen.

Staff non-commissioned officers are encouraged to join the conversation and tell us how we can improve.  We want you to feel confident in our resource when directing junior Marines to as an online toolkit.

We sincerely thank you for your steadfast devotion to the Corps and the nation you serve.

Semper Fidelis

Company Grade Officer

Company grade officers will find value in as an online mentorship and professional development resource. Commanders at the small unit and company levels plan and execute missions around the globe, it is important for those who have gone before to share their experiences with future generations. We provide valuable insights from Marines who understand the hardships of command. Past generations of commissioned officers share their knowledge and lessons learned while serving as leaders of Marines. Company grade officers are encouraged to ask questions and seek mentorship through BloodStripes. is always growing and being updated. Our goal is support Marines and corpsmen, of every rank, to improve professionally. Please join the conversation and tell us how we can improve the toolkit. Your feedback will ensure future generations of officers are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

We sincerely thank you for your service and for your sacrifice as you protect this nation that we all love.

Semper Fidelis

Field Grade Officer

Field grade officers lead Marines at the unit level. This select few bare the burden of planning and executing large-scale operations around the world.  As commanders, field grade officers shoulder the responsibility of ordering Marines into the fray. It is important for these leaders to be provided knowledge and wisdom from past generations of Marines who have gone before. Education and mentorship is necessary to achieve success at every level of command. was created to support knowledge growth and professional development to every Marine serving in the Corps.

Field grade officers are encouraged to join the conversation and provide feedback as to how we can improve.  We want you to feel confident in, as an online toolkit, when directing junior officers to our resource. It is our sincere hope that every Marine views BloodStripes as a value-added resource for guidance.

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you for your dedication and perseverance as a leader of Marines. Your actions ensure a life of freedom for every American.

Semper Fidelis, always.


Corpsmen are the warrior-healers that we, affectionately, call Doc. These men and women have devoted their lives to the care of others. Corpsmen in the fleet Marine force care deeply for the “jarheads” they serve with. It is important for corpsmen in the FMF to earn their fleet Marine force pin, thus becoming experts on how Marines serve a function in the fleet. Docs will find Marine Corps knowledge and guidance provided by medical professionals who have served in the FMF. This collection of experience offers valuable professional development insights for a successful career in the Navy was created to support knowledge and professional development throughout the Marine Corps, this includes our beloved corpsmen. We encourage corpsmen to join the conversation and tell us how we can improve the online toolkit. We want you to feel confident in our resource when directing fellow corpsmen to BloodStripes.

Doc, we honestly cannot thank you enough for your service and sacrifice. We know Marines are not the easiest breed to deal with. Thank you for your patience and care, this mission would not be a success without your efforts. We are truly grateful.

Semper Fidelis/ Semper Fortis