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General Orders for sentries; Tenth General Order

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What is the Tenth General Order for sentries?

Salute all officers and all colors and standards not cased.

(1) Colors and standards are cased when furled and enclosed in a protective covering.

(2) Sentries render salutes as prescribed in Navy Regulations and other portions of this Manual with the following exceptions:

  • (a) No salute is rendered by a member of the guard who is engaged in the performance of a specific duty, the proper execution of which would prevent saluting.
  • (b) A sentry armed with a pistol does not salute after challenging. The sentry stands at raise pistol until the challenged person has passed. While at raise pistol and holding a conversation, he does not salute, but remains at raise pistol until the person has passed.
  • (c) A sentry armed with a rifle at sling arms will render the proper salute to all officers after challenging them and positively identifying them. If at port arms, the sentry remains at port arms until the officer has passed.

(3) A sentry in conversation with an officer will not interrupt the conversation to salute unless the officer salutes a senior, in which case the sentry will also salute.

(4) A sentry armed with a rifle (except at sling arms) salutes by presenting arms. Present arms is only executed when halted. If armed with a rifle at sling arms, or holstered pistol (except after challenging), the sentry halts and renders the hand salute.

(MCO 5530.15)

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posted on June 25, 2015 under Articles, Q&A
Sebastian Juslin
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