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Foreign Weapons Instructors Course

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The Foreign Weapons Instructor Course (FWIC) aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA, was designed to ensure Marine unit’s pre-deployment training included familiarity of foreign weapon systems . Marines of all backgrounds train at the school house, and on the range, in a variety of different foreign weapons.

Marines are trained in foreign weapons handling skills, identification of threat weapons, weapons variants,  and zeroing procedures. overall weapons inspection techniques to identify damage or sabotage.


Recovered, enemy recoilless rifle.


Unit Commanders are provided an additional resource of Marines who possess the required knowledge, skills, and capability to conduct Foreign Weapons Small Arms training for Marine units prior to and during unit deployments.

These Marines are called upon to instruct their unit’s subordinate teams. FWIC certified Marines typically provide instruction at the company level. This allows for hands-on practical application of; dis-assembly and reassembly of the weapon systems and, proper weapons handling. All Marines deploying to hostile areas should be provided adequate foreign weapons training pertaining to the threat weapons that may be encountered.

Intelligence reports should include an account of the weapons recovered from enemy combatants along with the manufacturer stamp found on the receiver (if applicable). This creates a trail to the origin of the weapon system and can help in producing a clearer intelligence picture of the overall battle space.

While on deployment, FWIC certified Marines can be called on to instruct and conduct training of foreign military units, on the most commonly encountered weapons. Marine advisers especially, should maintain a level of proficiency over all of their local counterparts weapon systems.

aup rifle range

Marines of 1/5 Police Adviser Team; Kajaki Afghanistan


In today’s counter insurgency conflicts, it benefits Marine units to maintain a cadre of foreign weapons instructors. These Marines not only share knowledge and provide instruction, they provide Marines of their units with the confidence needed to handle a variety of firearms and, show how dangerous handling enemy weapons can be if sabotaged. The foreign weapons instructor is plays a vital role in today’s Marine Corps.

Attached below is list of the instruction provided and weapons to be fired along with, a gear list and, the perquisites necessary to attend the course cited directly from the Foreign Weapons Instructor Course website.

Formal periods of instruction are provided on:
-AK Series Weapons
-Heckler & Koch G3
-SVD and variants
-RPD Light Machinegun
-PKM Medium Machinegun
-DShK Heavy Machinegun
-RPG and variants
-82mm Mortar
-Other Foreign Weapons
-Principles of Small Arms (Operating Systems, Components, Ammunition and Ballistics)
-Classes on Instruction Method

The following weapons are live-fired:
-Heckler & Koch G3
-SVD and variants
-RPD Light Machinegun
-PKM Medium Machinegun

Each Marine must report with the following equipment:
Uniform for the course:

– Skivvy shirts (Qty 5)
– CAC/ID Card
– Dog Tags
– Seasonal Marpats w/ name tapes (Qty 2)
– Utility Cover (Qty 2)
– Pair combat boots
– Brown or Green Socks (Qty 5)
– Gortex Top/Bottom
– Warming Layers (Seasonal)
– Fire Resistant Gloves
– Combination Lock (1 Minimum)
– Note Taking Gear
– Water Source
– Hygiene Gear
– Eye protection
– Hearing protection
– FLAK (if issued)
– Kevlar helmet (if issued)
– Appropriate Civilian Attire

1.  Any MOS
2.  LCpl and above
3.  Minimum of one (1) year remaining on contract upon graduation
4.  Current annual rifle qualification of Sharpshooter of above
5.  Complete Marine Corps Distance Learning (MarineNet) Basic InstructorSkills Course (BISC); Certificate required.
6.  Marine Corps Distance Learning (MarineNet) Foreign Weapons Safety Course; Certificate required.​

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Michael J. Penney
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